Facilities Montessori Afterschool Childcare

Baby Room

In our Baby Room children have the care and attention of a dedicated Nursery assistant. Our room is equipped with a wide range of age appropriate equipment to give your child optimum  stimulation and heighten its awareness of its surroundings.

Records are kept of sleep patterns, meals and nappy changes and are communicated with parents on a daily basis. The daily routine you have established with your baby at home will continue in Bumbles and every effort will be made to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Your baby’s brain is not simply a fixed structure which develops in a genetically pre-determined way. It depends on external stimulation to develop. Development involves cognition, memory, attention, language and communication, as well as feelings, relationships and physical skills. Each week we introduce a new material to the babies for them to explore, for example paint, cardboard, silk, jello, etc. When babies explore these materials with their carer their development progresses in all areas of learning.

We constantly keep our babies stimulated with a varied range of activities and equipment. Our plan of activities is based on the babies in our care and the stage of development they are at. We use a lot of verbal communication through nursery rhyme, story, one to one interaction and peer interaction. Our first priority when a baby attends the Creche is to build a secure relationship .Early relationships strongly influence how children develop and having secure relationships ( known as attachments ) to their carers is very important for their healthy development.

Wobbler Room

Children move on to our Wobbler  room  around their first birthday, when staff, in consultation with the parents agree their readiness .Here our motto“ Where learning is child’s play” has an important role. Through play and well planned activities eg.  art and craft, play dough, climbing frames  etc. the  childrens’  physical, social and emotional  development is nurtured. Our “Reading Corner” is  a focal point in this room and here language and comprehension are developed on a daily basis.

Toddler Room

Children moving to the Toddler room will be accustomed to a more structured daily routine. Once the children are settled and after a snack of toast and milk playschool begins. A wide range of well planned activities eg.  circle time, art and crafts, role play, baking, will develop the five senses and enhance concentration, turn taking and fine motor skills.

The afternoons are taken up with a mixture of free play and organised games. Much use is made of our outdoor play area with its all weather surface.

Montessori Room

Montessori education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori  and it involves a curriculum of learning that comes from the child’s own natural inner guidance and expresses itself in outward behaviour as the child’s various individual interests are at work. Supporting the inner plan of nature, the method provides a range of materials to stimulate the child’s interest through self directed activities These  materials  are organised into five basic categories

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Culture

The Montessori  method of education serves the needs of all children and emphasises social interaction and the education  of the whole personality rather than the teaching of a specific body of knowledge.


We collect from all local primary schools. On arrival at Bumbles children are given a hot meal and dessert.

Homework is attended to and the schoolchildren partake in various activities.

During mid-term and school holidays we engage our “afterschoolers”  in a wide range of activities, eg.   visits to the Zoo, museums, local parks/playgrounds, sports day, cinema, “Bumbles Got Talent”.

our Baby Room children have the care and attention of